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One of the reasons we have brought Hannahpad to South Africa, is because we wanted to share the love. This pad has revolutionised hundreds of thousands of women's lives world wide. This is not just a great alternative to disposable products, but it is made from organic cotton. Cotton is one of the most sprayed crops in the world. By opting to wear these organic cotton intimate items close to your vagina, (which is super absorbant to anything you put right there), you have the peace of mind that toxins are not being absorped into your body by means of your sanitary products.

Lauren Wasser, an actress and model has lost her leg ( being amputated) due to Toxic Shock Syndrome, due the use of tampons. She has made it her life mission to educate people of this grave disease and try and change legislation pertaining to the ingredients and declarations by companies supplying disposables. Please read her very moving story here:

We have had a few ladies helping by sponsoring girls with our HELP A GIRL SET. Thank you so much. You are bringing joy to girls' hearts in ways immeasurable. If you would like to make a difference for a mere R340, you can sponsor a girl here:

These are the items on special currently:

The limited Medium Set is available here

What do you get:

7 Medium pads in the tropical patterns, a bar of Boerseep, A bottle of Moontime Massage Oil and a wetbag. You save R135, in fact you pay only for the pads and get all the other goodies free of charge. Hurry there are limited sets available.

The Overnight Pad Special

You can get it here:

What do you get: 

5 Overnight pads, a bar of boerseep, a sachet of Biobleach and a gift you choose of either a wetbag, a laundry hanger or a bottle of Moontime Massage oil. This special is VALID TILL  October .

Going green during your period has never been this easy. Take the step and do it. Now share the good news with those you care about.

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