About Us

My family and I have been staying on a farm in the Karoo since 2010 .  Coming from the city, our lives have taken a very different path. We are passionate about health, be it in terms of the food we eat, or the medicine we take, or the body care products we use.

I started making herbal medicine in 2007, and subsequently started making natural body products. One thing led to the next and before long I had a small health shop, Cassia & Clove health, which I now run from the farm.

In 2004 I was diagnosed with endometriosis when I battled to conceive. I subsequently started doing research for causes and cures for the condition. I am grateful to our Father that I have four beautiful children today and no longer suffer with endometriosis. My search led me to alternatives for disposable pads and tampons. I started using the silicon cup, but after having three natural births this little device did not work for me any longer. I started looking at alternatives for disposable pads, but was not satisfied with what I found. When I fell pregnant with my fourth child, Hannah, I came across Hannahpads and thought it so appropriate that I made the switch and ordered them. This was in 2013, and I will never look back.