Hannahpad launched in South Africa

cloth pads Hannahpad South Africa

I have been contemplating for many years whether I should take the risk and start selling cloth pads. After I ordered my Hannahpads, so many friends have told me that they would like some too, and just seeing the growing demand for a healthier alternative, has finally convinced me (and my husband) to JUST DO IT.

So here we go on a new journey. I have never used Facebook, this is all new ground for me. Suddenly the Karoo girl is overwhelmed by social media, something I never thought I'd have to face. We never stop learning, and I suppose that keeps us young :-).

So if you like what you see, please like my page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hannahpad/1680971592124010

and please refer your friends.

As always in health



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  • Pinokie Twala on

    Congratulations to this incredible product I am based in Johannesburg and would like to work with your establishment. My contact number is 073 736 3316

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