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Periods can be comfortable!

Enjoy the comfort & freedom during your period when using a hannahCUP. This cup provides leak-free protection for hours as you go about your daily routine. The cup can be worn when staying active and exercising as well as for bedtime use through the night.

Washing hannahcup: Boil in water for 5mins before and after each cycle and rinse well with cold water when emptying and reinserting the cup. Click here for more cup wash and care tips. 

hannahCUP Medium is suitable for menstruators experiencing a moderate flow.

✅ Instruction Leaflet & Carry Pouch Included (random pattern)

✅ Wear up to 8 Hours

✅ Easy Insertion & Removal: hannahCUP is the perfect menstrual cup for beginners as it is not too soft nor too firm.

✅ Economical with long term savings: With one eco-purchase this cup is reusable for years replacing all other single use menstrual products.

✅ 100% Medical Grade Silicone

✅ SGS Medical Device Tested

✅ Non-Toxic & BPA Free

✅ Colour: Natural