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Do I have to wash hannahpad before use?

Yes, please do a simple cold-water wash either by hand or in machine with natural laundry products. Hang to completely dry and place away ready for your first use.


How do I dispose of my old hannahpads?

hannahpads last up to 3 years or longer with personal use and care.

You will know when it is time to retire your hannahpad when it begins to fall apart at the seams (not likely in the first few years of use). This is when you need a replacement.

All organic cotton sheets are biodegradable and compostable.

Cotton hem, stitches and plastic snaps are recyclable.

Outer patterned layer with TPU coating should be discarded with regular household garbage.

Here are some ideas from customers:
- Upcycle your pads to make mending patches
- Use the old pads to buff shoes after polishing
- Use the recyclable parts and make ECOBRICKS from them :-).


How do I store my hannahpads?

Always ensure that your pads are thoroughly dry before putting them away. You can either lay them flat or fold them. We provide storage boxes with our sets which is a nice space saver.


How do I wash my hannahpads?

We have a whole section here on cleaning your pads.


How long will my hannahpads last?

hannahpad will last for 2-3 years, depending on personal use and care. It could last longer, we replaced our first pads after 4 years.


How many and what kind of hannapad should I purchase?

For heavy days, you can use Overnight ( Large) during the day and Ultra Overnight during the night. And for lighter days, you can use Small during the day and Medium during the night. Pantyliner is good for those with regular discharge. Number of pads used is about the same with disposables or sometimes less. With disposables, you usually have to change them because of smell or discomfort even when the pad is not full. However, with hannahpads, there is no odour and feels just like wearing your underwear, so there may be times when you don’t have to change as much as disposables. Please keep in mind that everyone is different. Your flow and comfort level may be different, so just consider this as a starting off point. Also the area you live in determines how quickly your pads will dry. So if you live in a humid and wet area, you will need more pads, compared to living in a hot and dry area.


How often do I need to change?

It is recommended that you change your pad every 3-4 hours whether it be cloth or disposable pad. This is for hygiene reasons as well as ensuring you stay fresh and dry throughout the day. Some people may need to change less or more in comparison to the recommended 3-4hours changing guide dependent on the day and amount of flow.


I just used my pad for the first time and it did not absorb well. What do I do?

It's best to give a good thorough wash before the first use not only for cleanliness, but also to boost up the absorbency. It could also be some soap residue left from the first wash block the absorbency. Please do a good thorough wash one more time and try again. The cotton material will naturally absorb better as it's used more and more. 


Is hannahpad suitable for post partum bleeding?

Absolutely! And we used it for the very first time ourselves after the birth of our baby. We say they are actually better than disposable pads since hannahpads are chemical-free! Becoming a mom is an exciting adventure and as much as the excitement, you tend become more aware of what you use during pregnancy and after the birth. Hannahpads are unbleached and undyed, so no harmful substances will be getting to your baby.


Is there no smell with hannahpads?

In healthy conditions, menstrual blood does not have any bad odour other than the normal smell of blood. Menstruation is not dirty, disgusting, or smelly. The usual bad smell that you’re thinking of comes from the chemical reaction made when blood meets with the chemicals inside a disposable pad. This is why most disposable pads are heavily scented with artificial fragrances. Hannahpads are made of 100% organic cotton. No chemicals. No reaction. No smell!


My pad became hard after drying, can I do anything to soften it?

Normally it softens when wearing, but if this is bothering you, do a overnight soak with some epsom salts in a bucket of water and let them sit in there. It;s an amazing softener, but needs time.


What are the benefits for my skin using hannahpad?

One of the most sensitive and absorbent areas in a woman’s body is the mucosal lining of the vagina. hannahpad does not contain any bleach, dioxin, or formaldehyde. Also, whereas non-organic cotton is farmed with five of the nine most harmful pesticides, hannahpad is made of 100% organic cotton. So you are truly free of toxins! The cotton against your skin is free from dyes, making it even a more superior product, eliminating any allergic reaction you might suffer from. And as a result, there is minimal to none allergic skin reactions or rashes.


What are the tiny black dots on hannahpads?

The tiny black specks you may find on the top cotton layer of the pad are simply cotton seeds. As the pads are made of organic cotton, very minimal chemicals and processing were used in the production of the organic cotton fabric. The tiny black specks is nothing to worry about as it won't affect the soft feel of the cotton against your skin. It's a good sign that we've kept our organic cotton sheets as natural as possible so it causes no irritation to even the most sensitive skin.


What can I do if my pad moves in my underwear?

The pad slipping towards the front or back during use may happen with certain contributing factors.

Firstly, we don’t recommend wearing underwear that is silk, satin, lacy, seamless and thin in nature as it will create pad movement problems. A cotton pair of underwear that is slightly thicker in material with a wider gusset width (7-8cm) is perfect for the pad to be wrapped around and helps it stay in place. Recommended styles: full brief, hipster, boyleg and sports with thick tight waist band to keep pad firmly against body when worn.

Secondly, our pads in Pantyliner and Small have two standard buttons to help adjust the widen/narrow the gusset width and hold them firmly in place on the underwear. For Medium sizes up, they only come with one standard button and may be problematic if underwear gusset is not as wide as the pad when snapped up. So do check your gusset width/

We now offer non-slip liners and small pads.


What if I find a loose thread?

As all of our pads are handmade, you may find some loose thread before or after washing. Sometimes after finishing up, the thread hides inside the pad rather than staying outside (which then is cut before being stocked.) Then, this loose thread might come out before or after washing. You can simply cut out the loose thread and use the pad. However, if the loose thread causes the entire stitching  to fail, please contact us right away so we can replace your pad. If the stitching fails within 3 months of use, contact us for exchange under our warranty policy.


What is the OCS100 Certification?

OCS100 is certified to only those final products that contains 95-100% of organic material. The aim of OCS (Organic Content Standard) is to provide transparency, consistency and guarantee traceability whilst retaining the integrity of the organically grown material.

Close monitoring and verification of contents of the organically grown material throughout all stages of production ensures the product indeed contains organic material. In the textiles industry, the raw materials must come from controlled organic cultivation.

The Control Union is a renowned certification body that conducts mandatory checks on the use of the biologically grown cotton at all stages of processing and manufacturing.

All our Organic cotton is OCS100 certified.


What type of pad is hannahpad?

hannahpad is an AIO (all in one) style cloth pad meaning that there are no removable inserts to deal with. Instead, the internal cotton sheets are sewn to the core of the cloth pad.

This makes hannahpads easier to wear, change and wash.

Available in 6 different sizes:

Pantyliner, Small, Medium, Large/Overnight, Ultra Overnight, and Super Ultra Overnight.

With 16 different floral patterns currently available.


Where is the organic cotton sourced?

Certified organic cotton used to make hannahpads are sourced mainly from India.

The untreated material is then turned into yarn and cotton sheets for the productions of the pads in South Korea. hannahpad works with suppliers providing organic cotton that are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard). GOTS certified facilities must meet the high quality environmental and social compulsory criteria set out by the global founding organisations. These criteria includes: safe and hygienic working conditions, no child labour, fair living wages, no excessive working hours, regular employment provided, prohibited inhumane treatment and no practice of discrimination. The manufacturing factory in South Korea works only under fair and ethical conditions.


Who can use Hannahpad?

Our hannahpad offers washable organic cloth pads for anyone currently experiencing the following:

  • regular menstruation
  • menstrual cup users
  • vaginal discharge
  • spotting
  • postpartum bleeding
  • light bladder leakage
  • sensitive skin issues with store bought disposables

With our range of sizes available you can find a use for hannahpad when your unique requirement calls for it. The sizes of hannahpad ranges from Pantyliners (21cm holding 30-45ml) to Super Ultra (42cm holding 120-180ml).


Why are the snaps made from plastic?

All of our snaps are made with recyclable plastic in order to minimize allergic reactions ( as many people are allergic to nickel) and any possibility of rust occurring from metal snaps. These are recyclable after the pad has finished its life! 


Will hannahpad leak?

No, hannahpads will not leak with proper use and care. There is a waterproof coating on the inside of the outer layer which prevents leakage by repelling water.


Will my cramps disappear after using hannahpad?

People with personal experience using washable cloth pads have provided feedback that their period pains have lessened or almost disappeared.

hannahpads will not expose your body to any harmful chemicals due to its chemical-free and fragrance-free philosophy. However, if you are experiencing pain outside the normal cramps or increasing pain over time, we strongly suggest consulting a medical professional for further investigation.

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