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Your Carrie days just got better with Hannahpad

The horror industry loves blood! We adore bleeding walls and creative kills. Blood is where it’s at, baby! I mean, Stephen King built a highly successful writing career on periods. Remember Carrie? Yeah, us horror folks don’t shy away when it comes to menstruation. This is one of the reasons I decided to share my experiences of Hannahpad with you. Read a very detailed review here.

Buying Hannahpad 4 years ago, was the best decision I could have made for my taking care of my needs during menstruation. After using the pads for just 2 months, I discovered I was pregnant with my fifth baby. Postpartum bleeding was navigated with ease with my Hannahpads - they easily absorbed the heavy flow that came after the first  few days of my baby's arrival, and then they were my trusted companion until my bleeding ended a few weeks later. I did not have to worry about leaks - either on my underwear, my clothes or my bedding. After such heavy usage, I was not holding my breath about how long my pads would last, but I'm delighted to report that my original purchase 4 years ago has stood the test of time and are only now beginning to show signs of wear and needing replacement. It brings such satisfaction knowing that I am wearing pure organic cotton next to the most intimate and delicate parts of my body, and that my monthly cycle is no longer contributing to the landfill/ environmental issues that disposable pads/ tampons pose. Not only that, I am saving money in the long run - these pads last!



Please read this very in depth review answering most questions about comfort, efficiency, wearing and washing Hannahpads on her blog


Eco-friendly menstrual products are something very close to my heart because I believe in saving Mother Earth one day at a time and the biggest contribution I felt I could make was with my menstrual products. I’m a HUGE fan of menstrual cups and I have 2 eco-friendly pads that I bought from a local store. They come in handy on the days your flow is super heavy. 

I was super excited to find Hannahpad on Instagram and made it my mission to stalk them thoroughly, especially since they are based in SOUTH AFRICA! Finally we are upgrading in this country!
What I won: I recently won a giveaway hosted by Hannahpad and the prize I won was absolutely incredible.

My prize included the following:
A gorgeous printed storage pouch.

  • 5 pads in the following sizes: pantyliner, small, medium, large, ultra overnight.
  • A few ziplock bags to store your used pads when you’re not at home, until you can wash them.

First Thoughts and Worries:

My first impression of my prize was WOW! Everything is absolutely gorgeous and the pads have the most gorgeous print on them. These pads are far from boring! Apart from the cute prints, I love how the little label has the size of the pad on them. This is a HUGE plus for me. I admit that what I was the most nervous about was that the pads were cream and not black. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to clean them properly. 

On my first cycle, I did struggle to get them properly clean and they were still SLIGHTLY stained. My previous method of shower washing my pads like I did with my other eco-pads were NOT going to work so it took me that period cycle to figure out this kink. This was the only kink in the road for me and once I worked that out, I had no reason to fault or hate these pads.  

With these pads being a cream colour, I find that soaking them overnight works the best to get them squeaky clean and unstained. Soaking overnight also means barely any scrubbing which is a bonus and I can still save water by doing this all in the shower.

What I like the MOST:

These pads are:

  • Incredibly comfortable. They sit quite securely for me and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing a nappy like my other pads make me feel.
  • Surprisingly absorbent. I have had a few leaks and NEVER have I gone straight through to the printed fabric on the outside.
  • Versatile. I am lucky enough to have a pad for EVERY single type of flow that I tend to have during ONE cycle. The Ultra Overnight pad is my absolute favourite because it’s the one pad I did miss after going eco-friendly. I never felt secure going to sleep with just my cup and now I don’t need to worry anymore.

Final Thoughts:

Normal disposable pads have never been really pretty and storing your menstrual products has always been stashed away where NO ONE ever goes. Hannahpad has made it that you can leave these out and don’t even have to be ashamed to show anyone what totally awesome pads you use. 

If you cannot afford a full set and depending on your flow, I’d say invest in a medium and large pad. Get the Ultra Overnight pad if you were a pad user during the night time - non-negotiable! If you love the Earth as much as I do and you want pads that your vagina will thank you for, you definitely won’t regret a Hannahpad! Written by Siobhan from

Hannahpad was the first cloth pad I ever tried since making the changes from disposables last year. I am glad that hannahpad was my first pads as it made the transition easy and comfortable.  I love them.  They feel so comfortable,  are ultra thin and yet absorbs all levels of flow.  I have a full stash.  I love the lengths of them as it gives me complete coverage. I have bought others but they seem thicker for more heavier flows. With hannahpad  I find the pad ultra thin and so breathable especially having your period during summer when it is so hot.  They are so easy to wash and although light in colour once you follow the cleaning instructions they are stain free.
Hannahpad are my go to especially when I'm out and about. I love my hannahpad, everything about it including the pretty prints.
I love the service as all my after purchase questions were answered so thouroughly. Well done on a great organic product. 

First impressions: When I first saw the hannahpad,  I was a little unsure about their cream coloured top fabric and was worried about staining. I also bought other pads with coloured tops. I was pleasantly surprised by the hannahpad though. I actually found that I TOTALLY preferred the cream colour cotton. Aside from the fact that the organic cotton is much better all around, I preferred being able to see how much flow the pad had absorbed, unlike my other pads. 

Comfort: Unlike disposable pads they are amazingly comfortable and soft. I am a cup user but I also like pads for heavier days and nights, not only just for back up.  Even with this minimal use of disposable pads my skin would suffer so I was very happy with the comfort factor of hannahpad! 

Favourite pad: I absolutely love the ultra overnight pads! They are SO absorbent but SO thin and they did the job for even the heaviest nights! I even ordered another one. 

Washing: Compared to the colour fabric topped pads I have, the hannahpads did need to soak overnight in bio bleach, but did not stain. I then washed them with the eco egg in the washing machine with no problems. They are also thinner and more absorbent. I do find that they take longer to dry after washing than my other pads but they are worth it because they absorb more.  

Overall: I preferred hannahpad to any other pads I have tried and are the only pads I ordered a few more of. The beautiful flowers and colours also cheer up that time of the month! Absolutely love them! I would (and already have) recommend them to all my friends! 

Thanks for the great service ;)

"I had been toying with the idea of alternatives to disposable sanitary products for health reasons. So when the Limited Medium Pad set was put on promotion, I jumped at the chance to buy my first "trial" set, just to see how it goes.

At first, I thought a medium pad would not be sufficient for my heavier days. Boy, was I wrong. I have quite a heavy flow by day 3 (as an indication, I soak through a pack per day of conventional pads during my heavier days), which often resulted in embarrassing "accidents." I am happy to report that I did not once soak through a "medium" Hannahpad once. There was no unwelcome smell or an uncomfortable moistness (I know, awful word). I easily wore the pad for four hours at a time with no adverse effects. Also, disposable pads often bundle up and become uncomfortable. Not Hannahpad. The pad stayed put and moved with my body.

I really dreaded cleaning them (which is, I am sure, many women's argument against cloth pads). However, clean up was easy, if a bit labour intensive. But if you follow the directions Hannahpad gives with the pads, it really isn't that much of a hassle. Cleaning was easily incorporated in my routine.

Overall, I was thrilled with my first use of Hannahpad. I would definitely consider investing in an overnight pad and a slightly larger set, which would work better with my body shape. I recommend them to anyone looking to be kinder to their bodies and the environment."


I've always been a cloth fan, cloth diapering my babies and using greener options whenever available.  I started looking into cloth menstrual pads a few years ago, but was always a bit scared that it will be a huge mess and that I will spend all that money on something that I cannot use.  I started using a cup a few months ago, but found that I needed something for back up and that I prefer using pads when I sleep. I then took the plunge and purchased some Hannapads.  The best decision I've ever made! These pads are not only super absorbent, thin and soft, but they are also so easy to care for and maintain.  I have had no leakage during the nights and I love the overnight pads, they are the perfect size, thin yet super absorbent.  I use a medium pad with my cup during the days and this not only provides so much peace of mind, but it absorbs any spills or leakage with ease.  These pads are so easy to care for, if you follow the care instructions you will have beautiful, clean and white pads with ease.  The bio bleach is a must and works so well. I also love the backing materials, they add a bit of colour to the month!  I'm actually going to purchase pads for my daughter now as well, I want her to start her menstrual journey on the right track, no synthetic  and chemical filled products for her!


Change takes courage, especially for someone who doesn’t like change that much. However, for me the main reason to change to Hannahpad was that no plastic is involved! I just hate the little plastic strips and plastic wrapping that is used in the conventional pads. Those small, thin plastic strips are not recycleable at all and just ends up in the oceans. Not even to speak of the whole pad that is made out of plastic and that will sit in landsfills or drift in oceans for many years to come.



The next main difference between conventional pads and Hannahpads is the personal comfort. The plastic feeling of conventional pads that rubs and feels sweaty is so bad. The Hannahpad is always comfortable, no sweaty feeling and no odours!!!



Some people might feel that washing the Hannahpads are a waste of time. But this is your contribution to your own health and the environment! Just slot in the pad washing with your normal washing schedule and use Boerseep!



So nice to use a fresh Hannahpad; smelling of sunshine and soap instead of a plastic smelling pad!!



One small disadvantage is that I’ve been struggling to dry the Hannahpads when the weather is really cold and wet in the winter. But if you just have enough Hannapads in your drawer, this will not be a problem.



What a pleasure it was to change to Hannahpad! I will never look back again. Just wish that more people will see the many advantages of using Hannahpad instead of the conventional pads!!



After using the pads for the very first time I'm severely disappointed... that I didn't know about them sooner!!! I was pleasantly surprised by the level of comfort they brought. Now I don't say this lightly because having suffered severe periods since I was 11, comfort is most definitely not a word I'd ever associate with my period. The pads were indeed, super comfy (especially the overnight). One of my main concerns was the leakage freakage we all dread. It didn't happen! The pads were super absorbent, no stress. As for the pain that's plagued me for years, it was not completely gone but there were a few times I completely forgot I was even on my period. I would  recommend these to all ladies, the little extra effort it takes to wash and dry them out is totally worth the life style change.  10/10, 5 Stars

So, after going over to cloth for my son, I have just used Hannahpads for the first time and loved them - loved how clean, snug and unnoticeable they were while wearing them. Martinette Ziman was great in answering my emails, questions and figuring out what I would need, helping me when I had to abandon an order half way through to go and see to a busy 9 month old who had woken up and has genuinely just made me want to rave about her service as well as the pads. My husband has been encouraging about using them and despite my wondering what he thinks about this all verbalised that if they better for you (my skin is sensitive) and better for the environment, then actually this is a no -brainer- so much so that he made payment for my additional order this morning. My only gripe is now I really do need to chuck out the sad saggy brooks that used to be my period-panties! The pads need a snug fit and are way too pretty and clean feeling to be accompanying the sad panties of previous cycles!


I just wanted to pop you guys a quick email to say thank you for having made this product available in South Africa. Initially, I was so intimidated by the pads but I eventually took the plunge and I’m so happy that I did.  Honestly, hannahpads are easy to use and super absorbent, which makes my sleep stress free from the worry of a possible leak. Keeping them clean is also very easy and hasselfree. Currently, I have some pantyliners, and the medium and large sized pad and I can’t wait to expand my collection with the super cute designs you have coming in the future.


Hannah Pads are a beautifully unique product.  They can be used by every type of woman, in any phase of her life.  Hannah Pads help me avoid adding unnecessary waste to the environment, while saving me money. They're easy to clean, and the pouches make them discreet and easy to keep in my handbag. My favourite part about them, is that they're gentle on my skin.  I love my Hannah Pads!


And a cup user review:

I moved over to natural feminine hygiene a couple of months ago, and bought the Hannahpad trial set, with the idea of using it as a backup for my cup. I am so pleased with the product! It is thin, sooooo comfortable, and when worn with a nice tight panty, you won't even feel that it is there. As I wear it as a liner/backup, it is worn for the whole day, and it causes absolutely no irritation or itchiness. The liner works really well on ovulation days as well. I am recommending this product to all my lady friends, and give it my full endorsement!



Great organic pad to have available in SA. Like that it's an option for those with allergies to fleece. Tried the trial pack and enjoyed the size options. The super/heavy pad is a great option for a post partum pad too. No leaks and gorgeous prints.