Spring Flowers

Happy Spring everyone.

Does Hannahpad  not remind you every month of spring with our pretty fabric? To make this spring extra special, we have added 10 more sets, saving you so much when buying sets. Some are small sets, making it ideal to add to your stash, others are a great intro to Hannahpad, like Take 5. Others are sets for use post partum, or heavier flow. We hope to meet your needs, and if we don't, please send us a suggestion.

As you know, the short pantyliner has been discontinued. Some people have complained that they move around, so the liner is now the same length as the small pad, with 3 layers of cotton, where the small has 5 layers.

All pad sets with 7 or more pads, come with a beautiful storage box and a FREE bar of Boerseep ( laundry bar), so do make use of this savings.

Enjoy the blossoms and fragrances around you.

Healthy you, Happy planet


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