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We have recently been to our favourite beach, Longbeach in Kommetjie, Western Cape. I just love this beach. What I love so much about it, is that is just so natural, you are surrounded by moutains, and this beautiful beach stretches out in front of you. The inhabitants of Kommetjie really take the cleanliness of their beach seriously, which is so wonderful. We took some Hannahpad pictures on the beach.

You may wonder why. Good question. Do you know how much rubbish washes into our seas every day. My brother is a surfer, and he has to surf amongst disposable sanitary pads and tampons in our beautiful country. That is so disgusting. Imagaine what that does to humans, the animal and plant life in the ocean. It is estimated, that if we as humans carry on at the rate we are going now, our seas will be 50% plastic in 50 years time. There goes the eco system, there goes our food, there goes the beauty that feeds our souls.

We can each, as an individual make a difference. It is our responsibility to ourselves, the next generation and our beautiful earth that we call home. One area where we certainly need to make a difference, is in our sanitary products we choose. Hannahpad offers you a zero waste, chemical free lifestyle. Not only does your body benefit from this, but also our earth.

Because it is the month of August, we have extended our woman's day special until stocks last. You can view it here:


And we have just received a very comprehensive review from Siobhan.

Eco-friendly menstrual products are something very close to my heart because I believe in saving Mother Earth one day at a time and the biggest contribution I felt I could make was with my menstrual products. I’m a HUGE fan of menstrual cups and I have 2 eco-friendly pads that I bought from a local store. They come in handy on the days your flow is super heavy.

I was super excited to find Hannahpads on Instagram and made it my mission to stalk them thoroughly, especially since they are based in SOUTH AFRICA! Finally we are upgrading in this country! Continue reading here: https://www.hannahpad.co.za/pages/customer-reviews

Have a lovely August. Let us all take hands and make a difference where we can.

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