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It has been an exciting start to a new year. I have had the CEO of Hannahpad and his PA visit me in SA. He came to help me with marketing ideas and getting to understand the SA market. It has been very insightful. The best part of the visit was, though, to put faces to names and getting to know each other a little better. I can now tell you how Hannahpad got it's name. (AS you know, I was pregnant with my daughter Hannah, when I needed to choose a brand to try in 2013, and due to the name, I decided to give Hannahpad a try as well as for the important reason that it was organic cotton.)

Hannahpad started in 2005 in a very small way. The CEO had a partner who battled with severe period pain. He decided to make her a cotton cloth pad and give it as a gift to her. She was so excited and it relieved her pain. She then shared this with her friends and before long, he was making a 100 pads a day with one seamstress. He named them Hannahpad, as it is the promise to women, that Hannah in the Bible received. Today Hannahpad makes 3000 to 4000 pads per day with 30 staff members. Meeting them, has once again affirmed their passion for quality. They are set on that, which is why the pads last so long.

That brings me to today's post. I started using my 10 Hannahpads in April 2013. I have only ever had these 10. I am now needing to say goodbye to 3 of these pads. The only reason is the waterproofing is no longer working. The stitching and fabric are still perfect. These are my Ultra Overnights, which I used a lot post partum and also still now for my heavy nights. It is sad for me, as what do I do with these? Do you have any suggestions? I am attaching some photos of my oldies, so you can see what they look like after nearly 4 years of intense work :-). The good part, of course, is to add a few new ones to my stash.

I am also testing some leak proof panties. What I like about these, is the fit, as it really goes well with the pads and are actually pretty too. I don't need the leak proof, as I don't have a problem with leaks, but so many customers enquire about underwear, that it might be something some would consider in conjunction with their Hannahpads. Please let me know what you think.

I have something very exciting lined up for a launch in the next 2 or 3 months, so do check back here.

Please let me know how you are finding your pads. I love to connect with my customers.

Hannahpad greetings


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  • Nabeelah Salie on

    Hi there,

    From what I understand, these pads are 100 % organic cotton and what better way to give back to the beautiful environment than burying the 100 % decomposable cotton material.

    This is such a lovely product- better for the environment, your health and in the long-run, better on your pocket as well.
  • Candida Oberholzer on

    Ok, this is an off the wall thought. But what if you clipped them onto an old sponge or block of wood and used them to buff or polish your shoes or boots.

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